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I'm trying to login, but it says already logged in, logout from other devices

" This problem generally occurs when you try to relogin from different device and/or browser. Try again with the same device and/or browser. If you are unable to login, please contact offee helpline number. "

" Sometimes the browser needs the permission from the settings of the default browser. Try giving permission from the default browser setting and refresh the page. If still the issue exist, please contact offee helpline number. "

" There is menu button on the student dashboard. Select the history option and you can confirm by going through all the previous examination "

" Check the password received on your mail ID. Do not copy paste the password, instead try typing it manually. Also the password are case sensitive, so confirm each and every character "

" While giving the exams if you're having subjective questions which requires to write down on paper and upload it then you have to click the image of answer sheet and then go to choose file and select the correct file to upload, after selecting the file you have to click on Upload file button and then you will get a message that Uploaded successfully. If your answer is in multiple pages then you have click the images and convert it into pdf and then upload. Please note that maximum file should not exceed 20 MB. "

" Please check your Exam Time Table to verify that exam schedule and then Contact any of Offee helpline numbers "

" Generally this problem occurs when network connection is not good. You have to switch your network connection to Wi-Fi or mobile data, then you have to refresh and reload the Page, if it still does not happen then restart your Phone/Laptop and login again with same browser. Your response will be saved if you haven't done it in Incognito. "

" This problem occurs when network connection is not good then you have to just refresh and reload the page Or change your network connection to Wi-Fi or mobile data. If you are not able to submit, then contact helpline numbers. "